The Laboratory


The Geospatial Technology Research Lab of the Faculty of Technological Applications of Technological Educational Institute of Athens, meets the research and educational needs of the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering, in a range of disciplines incorporated in its curriculum, such as the measurement, collection, processing, visualization, management, analysis and diffusion of geometrical data as well as quantitative and qualitative information for the physical and the human environment. It places emphasis in the disciplines of the bachelor and postgraduate programs which represent the main directions within the Degree in Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering and relate to the professional rights of graduates.

The Geospatial Technology Research Lab employs research methods which are incorporated in an innovative technological framework which

“considers geographical space in regards to the physical and human environment as a result of an ongoing interaction between man and the nature”.

The scientific fields of Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Cartography, Informatics, Geography and Geographic Information, Environmental Management, Spatial Development and Cadastre, are considered to be the scientific and technological core subjects for the synthesis of geospatial information, on the basis of synergy and mutual integration of the scientific goals of individual researchers, while the autonomy of each distinct scientific field is preserved.


The Geospatial Technology Research Lab serves educational and research needs in the following disciplines:

  • Geodesy-Land Surveying-Global Positioning Systems
  • Photogrammetry-Remote Sensing-Image Analysis and Processing-Computer Vision-Pattern Recognition
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Cartography and Thematic Cartography
  • Cadastre and Land Management
  • Geography and Spatial Analysis
  • Environmental Management
  • Urban Planning-Spatial Planning-Regional Development