Research Units

The Geospatial Technology Research Lab consists of four (4) Research Units. This structure aims to create synergy effects regarding economy of scale as well as further deepening and specialization in the research fields in which this laboratory is involved.

  • Geodesy-Land Surveying-Global Positioning Systems

Dr. Vassilios Pagounis
Dr. Vassilios D. Andritsanos
Dr. Michail Gianniou

  • Photogrammetry-Remote Sensing-Image Analysis and Processing-Computer Vision-Pattern Recognition

Dr. Eleni Petsa
Dr. Anastasios L. Kesidis
Dr. Lazaros Grammatikopoulos
Dr. Emmanouil Oikonomou

  • Geography and Spatial Analysis-Geographic Information Systems-Cartography and Thematic Cartography-Cadastre and Land Management

Dr. Polixeni Iliopoulou
Dr. Andreas Tsatsaris
Dr. Ioannis Katsios

  • Urban Planning-Spatial Planning-Regional Development

Dr. John Kiousopoulos

The main research team is supported by researchers, doctorate degree holders, which have an employment relation with the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and their discipline or specialty is of direct relevance with the disciplines of the Lab.
The laboratory staff includes also doctoral candidates as well as undergraduate and graduate students, which prepare their doctoral dissertation or their thesis in this laboratory and make use of its equipment.
In the framework of the cooperation of this research laboratory with other laboratories, members of the academic staff of other higher education institutions and research centers in Greece and abroad, as well as emeritus professors of TEI of Athens and other Higher Education Institutions, are considered as collaborating staff.
Members of the technical staff as well as the laboratory teaching staff can act as assistants for the work of the laboratory, after their request which is approved by the director and the department’s assembly.
Members of the academic staff without a doctorate can also assist the work of the laboratory, after their request which is approved by the director.